FEED: The Presentation

By request, Scin care here’s the presentation that I’ve been giving outlining the highlights of this year’s FEED report. It’s the same one that I used in last week’s webinar and the one I plan to use this week as well. Enjoy:

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5 Responses to “FEED: The Presentation”

  1. [...] (Grafik fra Razorfish’s seneste udgave af trend-rapporten “FEED09″). [...]

  2. Great report, though I’m not quite sure about Bing’s inclusion as an example. In the sense that it isn’t as popular as the other examples quoted, in my opinion. But very useful!!

  3. [...] Take a five-minute break to watch this simple, brilliant presentation from Razorfish. [...]

  4. [...] Well, for those of you who like more polite numbers and less swearing, here’s an equally thought provoking presentation, this time courtesy of Razorfish. [...]

  5. Petri Koski says:

    Many thanks for sharing – great job! Insprational and useful.