Refresh your Toolbelt

These are some of the most helpful design tools I’ve come across over the past 6 months. I keep a running list of these bookmarked in my browser, which I update about once a buy Cialis year during my annual “digital spring cleaning” routine. I love having an up-to-date collection of go-to design tools because they save time and serve as a good launching pad when starting a new design. If you have a favorite go-to resource please share!

Project Planner’s User Flow Gallery

A gallery of user flows for all kinds of web products ranging from sharing, signing up, photo gallery, document sharing and even gaming.


One of my favorite sites! ColourLovers by the color gurus at ChromaOm Create a library of color palattes and patterns or browse the community gallery. They also have a desktop application, ColorSchemer Studio that allows you to identify color harmonies for the web (RGB) or print (CMYK), create palettes from photos, search over a million existing color schemes, mix colors, create gradient blends.

Punchcut’s Pixel Proliferation

A collection of PSD templates to guide you in designing for our multi-screen world.

Forms on Mobile Devices

A great article from our friends at Smashing Magazine on common UI design and patterns for forms within mobile devices. Takes the trickery out of creating forms that allows users to input data quickly and easily.

892 Ways to Partition a 3×4 Grid

For the computational minded designer, this poster provides a quick reference for slicing and dicing your space. Designed by Thomas Gaskin. Creative direction by Hugh Dubberly. Algorithms by Patrick Kessler. Patent belongs to William Drenttel + Jessica Helfand.


A free community generated gallery of web UI patterns such as mega drop-down menus, transition into grid view, login and much more. They also provide businesses with the ability to create private libraries in which Sildenafil citrate Strattera No Prescription to share and maintain within their design teams.

Infographic on Infographics

A great place to start when you are tasked with creating infographics from variety of data types. Designed by the talented Ivan Cash.

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